Listen live with fans on Spotify and Apple Music.

Patchbay Spotify and Apple Music listening party on iPhone

Drop new music or host a listening party for your favorite album, playlist, or podcast. Stream together, chat, vote for songs, and more.

Create a listening party

Real-time Fan Connections

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Synced streaming

Community listening whether fans choose Spotify or Apple Music.

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Live chat

Chat with fans from across the world with text and GIFs.

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Host mode

Artists and hosts can drop in to chat or add commentary.

Own your data

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Collect contacts

Save email and phone numbers and sync to integrations or export.

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Fan insights

View top locations, streaming services, demographics, and more.

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Sync audiences

Add Google, Meta, and TikTok pixels to sync your audiences.

Go live in seconds.


Choose your own URL

Choose a unique handle for your listening party that's easy for fans to find and remember. Share your stream with a link or QR code and invite fans to save the date with a live countdown before it starts.

QR code

Add your music

Provide a single media ID and Patchbay will find your release across all available streaming services. Choose the services you want to include as options for your fans and add them all to your listening party in a single click. Patchbay will automatically give fans the option to save albums, playlists, and tracks, to their library.

Enter a streming link, URI, or UPC...

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Add them all at once, or uncheck the ones you'd like to remove.

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Skyline Drive
Album art
Skyline Drive
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Customize your page

Match the style and layout of your listening party to fit your vibe. Change colors and options any time and your page will update automatically to fit seamlessly with the rest of your campaign. Showcase album art, merch, tour dates, and more.

Patchbay listening party design settings

Grow your fan base and boost conversions

Custom Calls-to-action

Give your top priority actions center stage by featuring pre-saves, merch, tour dates, and more during your live stream. Convert digital and physical sales while fans stream.

Patchbay listening party calls-to-action

Automated Actions

Automatically trigger additional actions when fans join. Follow profiles, add content to libraries, pre-save music, and collect contact info.

Patchbay listening party automated actions


Which streaming services work with Patchbay listening parties?

You can currently use music and podcasts from Spotify and Apple Music in your Patchbay listening party.

Do I need a Spotify or Apple Music account to join a listening party?

Yes. You'll need a premium account with Spotify or Apple Music in order to join and listen.

Do fans need to pay or create an account to join?

No! Patchbay listening parties are completely free for fans and don't require any additional sign up or account to join, chat, and listen.

Do I need to download an app to join a Patchbay listening party?

No! Patchbay listening parties work directly from your browser on any device.

Can I share my live stream before it starts?

Yes! As soon as you've created a listening party, you can share a link or QR code with fans. Fans will see a countdown along with a start date and time for your listening party on your page. They can also choose to add the event to their Apple, Google, or iCal calendars.

Can artists and hosts join the chat?

Yes! Any admins that are a part of the listening party can join in to chat with fans. Their profile will have a special indicator to verify that they are the official host.

How do I create a Spotify or Apple Music listening party?

The first step is to create a free Patchbay account. Once you have created your account, you can configure your listening party and start sharing it right away. Add any music you'd like and customize the design of your page. You can schedule a start time for your listening party and Patchbay will automatically show a countdown for when it starts.

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