Uncover key audience insights and streaming data.

Patchbay Spotify and Apple Music listening party on iPhone

Track real-time stats about your streaming audience like location, demographics, and behaviors, across Spotify, Apple Music, and more.

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Actionable Data Points

Top streaming services

Track which streaming services fans are using most to reach them better.

Location & Demographics

Plan better tours and events by targeting where fans are located.

Listening Behaviors

Track which releases fans engage with most plus artist and genre crossover.

AI Powered Insights

Discover engagement trends

Unlock crucial insights into listener behavior, preferences, and engagement patterns across your catalog. See which releases and patches fans engage with most to make data-driven decisions about how to optimize your campaign.

Maximize conversions

Create audience segments based on behaviors to boost conversion rates. Group fans that have pre-saved albums, followed profiles, saved tracks, and more to send targeted offer and announcements.

Find new opportunities

Analyze listening patterns with AI-powered insights to monitor how fan tastes and preferences evolve. Discover crossover genres, find potential collaborators, and boost playlisting placement by analyzing new ways to reach fans.

Own your data

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Collect contacts

Save emails and phone numbers and sync to integrations or export.

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Real-time data

View data points as they change in real time or set custom date ranges.

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Sync audiences

Add Google, Meta, and TikTok pixels to sync your audiences.

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