Patchbay's Amazon Music Integration is Now Available

We're excited to announce that our new integration with Amazon Music is now available to all Patchbay users! This highly anticpicated integration brings the power of Amazon Music's rapidly growing streaming service directly to your website. Patchbay users can now invite fans to pre-save, follow artists, and save songs with Amazon Music.

To add the new Amazon Music integration to your patches, simply navigate to an existing patch or create a new one and click the "Add Service" button to add Amazon Music to the patch. Then paste a link to any Amazon Music album, artist, song, playlist, or podcast to add it to your patch. Your embeds will automatically update wherever they are, no need to change any code or settings. Don't have a Patchbay account yet? Create your free account to start connecting with fans on Amazon Music.

Amazon Music is quickly building a strong listener base with a sleek, intuitive interface for browsing and organizing songs, albums, and artists. As fans continually test the waters with new streaming services to find their favorite, you can now give fans more options for saving your music with Patchbay!

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