How Diplo boosted audience engagement with Patchbay

When Diplo was prepping to release his last collaboration with Miguel, his team was looking for an interactive and rewarding experience to announce the new music. The goal was primarily to boost early pre-saves for the new song, while also giving fans a unique experience to share. The final solution tapped into Patchbay's customizable pre-save feature to serve as an entry point to an interactive e-card generator experience. Fans who pre-saved Diplo's album were rewarded with personalized, shareable e-cards, enhancing their engagement and anticipation for the release.

In order to enter the experience and create a card, fans were first asked to pre-save the new music through the embedded Patchbay pre-save. Immediately after pre-saving, fans were rewarded with access to the interactive e-card generator. From there, fans could answer questions to customize the design and layout of the card, with lyrics generated from Diplo's new track. The team teamed up with creative agency Wayward Creative to design the interactive portion of the site, which referenced album art and branding assets from the campaign to create a cohesive experience.

Because the pre-save could be embedded, the team had complete control over the design and interactive elements of their campaign, all while collecting valuable data and streaming engagement. The campaign resulted in a huge boost in early streaming numbers, new artist profile followers, and a massive influx of collected fan contact information.

Rather than simply asking fans to pre-save and sending them to an arbitrary link, Diplo's team created a memorable fan moment that incentivized them to take action. This boosted conversion rates and fan engagement as they organically shared a link to the experience across socials, encouraging friends to visit the site.

The customizable pre-save feature from Patchbay allows artists to tailor their pre-save buttons and embed them directly into any website, fitting their brand aesthetics and optimizing fan interaction across major streaming platforms. This integration not only increases early listens but also offers exclusive rewards, fostering a deeper connection between artists and fans.

For more information on Diplo's campaign, visit Wayward Creative and learn about customizable pre-saves at Patchbay.

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