How Benson Boone boosted pre-saves and followers with Patchbay

To build anticipation for Benson Boone’s upcoming EP and immerse fans in his “In the Stars” single, his team used Patchbay to create a custom pre-save experience that boosted early streams and collected valuable fan data.

An interactive landing page was created to serve as the primary fan destination, with a Patchbay pre-save embedded as the welcome screen. Fans were able to sign into a Spotify, Apple Music, or Amazon Music to pre-save Benson’s new EP and follow his artist profile, which then allowed them to enter the site.

After pre-saving, fans were rewarded with an opportunity to their information, along with a
photo or video to register a real star in the solar system with their name. The website would then display the registered stars along with fan messages to explore. The team partnered with interactive design studio Wayward Creative to design and develop the interactive 3D space for fans to engage with and share.

The result boosted early traction for the single, which drove new streaming followers and album pre-saves. Patchbay's integration collected thousands of data points and fan insights, along with contact data that helped future outreach during the campaign.

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