How Alicia Keys celebrated a milestone and boosted fan engagement with Patchbay

Alicia Keys hit many milestones over the past year, one of which was the 20-year anniversary of her legendary album, The Diary of Alicia Keys. This ground-breaking album was an instant classic when it was released and deserved a proper celebration as a reissue in its anniversary year.

A typical link to pre-save the new anniversary edition of the album just wouldn't do. Alicia's team needed more control and creativity in how they reached fans to build early anticipation and streams for the new release. A custom, embeddable Patchbay pre-save was the perfect way to properly connect with fans and maximize conversions. 

To provide an intimate look behind the music and connect with its impact on fans, Alicia's team at Roc Nation brought in creative studio, Wayward Creative to design an interactive diary for fans to explore. The digital diary featured liner notes, photos, and behind-the-scenes content from the making of the album. A chapter in the diary invited fans to add their own page, with customizable text, images, and even a selfie from their webcam. Fans could browse pages added by other fans to share the love for this amazing album. 

Patchbay's embeddable pre-save was used as the entry point to the experience, inviting fans to pre-save the album to enter the site. When fans pre-saved, the artist's profile was followed and email addresses and phone numbers were collected to stay in touch with fans after the release. The team was able to customize the look and settings of the pre-save, all while building it directly into their own interactive experience.

The completed integration resulted in thousands of pre-saves across every major streaming service, while simultaneously building Alicia's follower count on streaming platforms. The embedded pre-save created a natural transition into the site, with the instant reward of gaining access to the interactive diary. Once the album was released, the pre-save automatically transitioned into a save button, allowing fans to continue to save the new album to their library long after release day.

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